Reentry Housing

Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) of Basic Reentry Housing in Oregon

Principal Investigator: Michael R. McCart, PhD

Some counties in Oregon are providing basic reentry housing to offenders who are either releasing out of prison or their local jail. Previous research suggests that providing a safe housing unit keeps offenders out of unstable situations, at least for a short time period, and it might provide a stepping-stone to longer-term housing and employment. The Oregon Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) has partnered with researchers at OSLC Developments, Inc. to conduct an RCT of basic reentry housing. The overarching aim of the RCT is to evaluate the effectiveness of housing programs for reducing recidivism and improving long-term housing stability among offenders. If basic reentry housing is deemed to have positive outcomes, this type of program could feasibly be expanded to community corrections programs across the state.