Criminal Justice Commission-Funded Study on SB416

Principal Investigator: Michael R. McCart, PhD

The purpose of this study is to conduct a randomized controlled trial (RCT) of Oregon’s Senate Bill 416 (SB416) program. SB416 is a prison alternative program for non-violent repeat property offenders who have an identifiable substance abuse problem and motivation to change their behavior. The mission of SB416 is to reduce recidivism, protect the public, and hold offenders accountable by providing intensive community supervision and case management, substance abuse treatment, mentoring services, as well as direct access to employment services, housing, education, and transportation. SB416 has been operating as a pilot program in Marion County since July 2012, and Oregon’s Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) is now expanding and evaluating the model in a multi-site RCT. Dr. Michael McCart and Co-Investigator Ashli Sheidow, PhD help guide this program expansion, working with CJC to develop intervention materials and provide trainings and ongoing quality assurance for program implementation. They are also guiding the implementation of the evaluation RCT, which is in progress in Marion and Lane Counties.

Randomized Controlled Trial of a Diversion Program for Individuals with a History of Repeat Felony Property Crime and Substance Use